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Auto Insurance

Thinking of making the switch? Let us help you find the best quote available. We offer strong and flexible auto coverage options for San Antonio residents at great rates. Find out how much we can save you.

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers the hazards that most homeowners face—everything from fire to theft, and accidents on your property. Find out how much you can save on your home insurance.

Life Insurance

We offer life insurance that is designed to provide security to your family. We are experienced and highly-qualified to analyze your needs and recommend the right program for meeting your goals.

Umbrella Insurance

Your umbrella Liability policy works to give you additional protection when damages exceed the liability coverage of your standard policies. It also offers extra security for many situations that may not be included in your insurance.

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San Antonio Farmers Insurance Agent

If you are thinking about buying insurance, you’ve come to the right place! Although the process can feel scary and overwhelming at first, it’s a great way to keep yourself and your loved ones protected in the case of a worst-case scenario.

I started working in insurance because I was looking for a way to help my community. I saw people facing financial devastation after unexpected medical bills piled up or a natural disaster destroyed their home. They were already going through incredibly difficult times, and the massive financial cost to these emergencies just added an extra layer of stress for them and their families. As an insurance agent, I get to help people sleep soundly, knowing that even in a case of emergency, they will still be able to provide for their families.

Most things that are of value to you can be insured. Some models have even insured their legs, since losing their legs would mean they couldn’t work anymore.  That’s probably not the situation that you’re in, but if you have unusual insurance needs, I can help you out! My 14 years of experience as an insurance agent and Farmers’ more than 80 years of insurance experience means that we can tackle any insurance need that you have.

Most people looking for insurance are looking for one of three primary types. Read about them below or visit each page for a more in-depth look. You can also contact me by phone at (210) 610-8557 to discuss your options!

Miguel is great to work with we’ve had zero issues getting into contact with him anytime the need to get a hold of him arrives. Anytime we’ve had issues or questions with pricing he’s been able to get us a reduction on our monthly statement.

Mike Gonzalez

Wonderful customer service! With multiple moves Miguel Baylon and team have always been very helpful in transferring policies to new addresses with little to no effort. Highly recommended.

Ramiro Fowler

Great prices and awesome customer support! I would recommend you check their great prices before dealing with anyone else if you truly want to save money and get great coverage–Can’t be beat!

Ronald Fugate

Insurance Products Offered

Car Insurance – Car insurance isn’t just a good idea, it’s a legal requirement for anyone who drives a car. If you’re pulled over, and you don’t have insurance, you could be facing a hefty fine. Car insurance is also essential for many other reasons. It covers the cost of fixing your car if you are in an accident. It also includes the cost of fixing someone else’s car if you hit them. Finally, it covers medical expenses if you are in a crash that’s more serious than a fender-bender. There are a few different types of car insurance (most importantly, full coverage or liability-only) and I can help you determine which is the best fit for your needs.

Home insurance – Unlike car insurance, home insurance is not legally required, however damaging or losing your home can be an even greater financial risk than damaging your car. Your house is probably the most valuable asset you own, and your home insurance protects that investment in case of a natural disaster, or in case someone is hurt on your property. In the case of damage to your home – so much that you can’t use it, your insurance policy will also provide you and your family somewhere else to stay during repairs.

Life insurance – If you’re the primary breadwinner for your family, you might be stressed out about the fate of your family if you were to die unexpectedly. In the middle of their grief, they would still need to pay for all the bills that you are currently covering. Life insurance can mitigate this risk. With life insurance, you ensure that your spouse and children can live comfortably even if you aren’t around anymore – it’s one of the best gifts you can give your family.

Purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy is an important step in buying your home, and it can certainly seem overwhelming. That’s why you should reach out to me today. I have more than 13 years of experience as a Farmers Insurance agent, and Farmers has been providing insurance for more than 80 years. If you’re ready to insure your home, give me a call today. I can help you understand your options and get the policy that is the best fit for you and your home.

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Wherever you are in your life journey, whether you’re just starting out on your own or comfortably settled into retirement, there’s a good chance that you have some insurance needs. Give me a call today so that we can figure out exactly what policies are the right fit for you.